The Mittster Bows Out

February 7, 2008


Mitt Romney’s speech today at the Conservative Political Action Committee was one of the most interesting speeches I’ve heard in this campaign.

In stepping out of the race, he pulled out the old “Democrats want terrorists to win” lines.  I haven’t heard that stuff in a few years, and boy have I missed it.  He and Laura Ingram also pulled out the Hugo Chavez and Barbara Streisand lines, too. 

Seriously, what happened to the “Party of Ideas”?

It’s interesting that Old Mittens “suspended” his presidential campaign.  Maybe he plans to come back in the Fall to represent true Conservative Ideals.  He should represent them well, they are very new to him.  Bloomberg/Romney?  Nah. 

Michael Moore was on Larry King Live last night.  My favorite moment was when they did a little cut-in ad thing with Anderson Cooper for his show, which was coming up next.  Anderson attempted to lure viewers in with news of Britney Spears.  Michael Moore said, “Why don’t you just leave her alone?”  Cooper was completely caught off guard and I had no idea how to respond.  He came up with, “Well, we haven’t covered her in a while.”