Rush Limbaugh

March 24, 2008


According to Rush Limbaugh, Barack Obama is not only trying to court the Latino vote by collecting an endorsement from Bill Richardson, but he is also courting the Asian vote.

“Bill Richardson, showing up with a goatee and a dangling mustache, like Fu Manchu with the beard — with a little goatee there. And that’s not by accident, ladies and gentlemen.”

-Rush Limbaugh 3/21/08

 I suppose it’s entirely possible that when Richardson grew his beard, not long after leaving the race for President, he was approached by the Obama campaign.  I can just imagine it, “Hey Bill, we were thinking that if you think you might endorse Barack down the line, maybe you should grow a beard so that you will not only influence Latinos, but maybe some Asian folks will assume you are Asian, too.”