2008 Election – The Democrats Take Over.

November 7, 2008

I have no idea how I managed to stay quiet during the entire 2008 election.  I think it’s partly that I was more interested in watching commentary and hearing what other people thought and really didn’t have the energy or even desire to voice my own opinions.  And part of it is probably laziness.

So here we are with President Barack Obama.

I really don’t know how we got here.  I suppose there are more than a few Republicans thinking “Oh!  I get it…a community organizer is a person that is probably pretty good at organizing a community.  That might be a handy thing in a general election.” 

There are a few topics I’d like to discuss in the next few days.  I thought maybe breaking them up would be a better idea than spewing everything into one post.  It might also help me get into the habit of writing consistently.  Today, I would like to discuss the 2008 election in general terms.

The main point I’d like to touch on today is one that I’ve been dying to write about for months, but I’m a Cubs fan, so I’m a very superstitious person that always experiences that impending sense of doom.  I didn’t dare talk about a possible Democratic victory.  But now that Barack Obama has begun selecting cabinet members, it is safe for me bring this topic up. 

Four years ago, after George W. Bush defeated John Kerry, I heard conservatives claim that it was the death of the Democratic Party.  After the 2004 election, the Republicans controlled the White House, had a 17 seat advantage in House and a 3 seat advantage in the Senate.  Even in victory, Republicans aren’t honest with themselves.  Bush claimed this victory was decisive enough to give him a mandate, and he planned to spend that capital.  After all, Bush received more votes than any other president in American History.  Of course, John Kerry, in defeat, received more votes than any president in American History, as well.  Bush beat Kerry in electoral votes, 286-251.  If Kerry would have won Ohio, Read the rest of this entry »

Humor and Politics

May 20, 2008

Let me be honest, Mr. McCain.  You’re not funny.  Don’t try to be funny.  Don’t go on SNL anymore.  Nobody really finds formulated self deprecating humor from politicians to be funny.  Hillary Clinton has used all the self deprecating humor up for the 2008 election.  You telling awful jokes   Read the rest of this entry »

Obama is the Antichrist?

March 25, 2008


I got wrapped up in this History Channel show last night about Hitler and Nostradamus and other prophets/psychics/etc. that predicted the rise of Hitler with great accuracy.  They end the show talking about the next evil person that Nostradamus talks about.  That person is referred to as “Mabus”.  This stuff interests me quite a bit.  I’m the guy that believes in Sasquatch, gnomes, UFO’s, Chupacabra, ghosts, EVP and anything else paranormal or discussed by Art Bell.  I’ve been to Area 51 multiple times.  I’m that guy, you know?  So I will at least entertain some pretty wacky ideas.   Read the rest of this entry »

Rush Limbaugh

March 24, 2008


According to Rush Limbaugh, Barack Obama is not only trying to court the Latino vote by collecting an endorsement from Bill Richardson, but he is also courting the Asian vote.

“Bill Richardson, showing up with a goatee and a dangling mustache, like Fu Manchu with the beard — with a little goatee there. And that’s not by accident, ladies and gentlemen.”

-Rush Limbaugh 3/21/08

 I suppose it’s entirely possible that when Richardson grew his beard, not long after leaving the race for President, he was approached by the Obama campaign.  I can just imagine it, “Hey Bill, we were thinking that if you think you might endorse Barack down the line, maybe you should grow a beard so that you will not only influence Latinos, but maybe some Asian folks will assume you are Asian, too.”

For no particular reason.

February 6, 2008

A new medium.  It’s not really necessary, but why not?  I used to “blog” fairly often when I had a Livejournal.  I guess I still have it, but I haven’t written in it in years.  I still go back and read it every once in a while to take me back to when things were different.  I don’t blog often on Myspace because it makes me feel like I’m a 14 year old girl. 

 My friend Chad, from First Order Historians asked me if I’d be interested in possibly writing for their blog, so I started this up.  FOH is a music/entertainment type endeavor. 

 I’ve had a few things on my mind the last few days.  First of all, winter sucks and school is cancelled.  Therefore, my employer has stolen another day of June from me.  So instead of sitting outside at my nice new bar, watching a Cubs game in June, this particular “day off” will be spent trapped indoors.  At least my wife and daughter stayed home with me today. 

I’d like to talk a little about politics.  I would imagine that a lot of what I write on here will be related to politics. 

 So I go and vote yesterday.  I didn’t vote my conscience.  If I would have, my vote would have been thrown away and it’s not like someone in the Democratic Party would have said “Hey, here’s a guy in Moline, IL that voted for Kucinich.  Perhaps we should consider what attracted him to Kucinich and take his views into account”.  So, this was yet another election where I didn’t really vote “for” someone, I voted “against” someone else.  That’s what happens when you live on the fringe, I guess.

I don’t engage in political talk if I know someone disagrees with me.  So office type political discussions, I keep at a minimum.  As someone that would be content watching Cable News all day long, I think it’s interesting why people form political opinions.  So I mainly like to observe during these discussions.  My favorite two statements yesterday at my work were both anti-Obama. 

Person #1 – “I don’t really have anything wrong with Obama.  I just can’t vote for him because it seems like he’s trying to act black”.  I didn’t really want to take the time to point out that Obama is, in fact, black.  She said it with a hushed voice, so I took her statement as “I don’t really have anything wrong with Obama.  I just can’t vote for him because he’s black”. 

Person #2 – “I don’t like the fact that Obama is even running for president.  This has turned into a year and a half process and our state is messed up and he should be here trying to fix it”. 

Now, before I get into how this is a stupid comment, let me say that I do think the Presidential run is far too long.  The primary process started about a year ago.  As a constituent of Senator Obama, I don’t necessarily like the fact that he is not adequately representing me in the Senate.  However, that’s politics, bitch.  That’s how our political system is set up.  Unless you are not currently serving, it’s going to be hard to run for President without basically abandoning your current position.  Secondly, yes, Illinois is jacked up.  We’ve had a string of awful Governors and this state is a mess. 

However, Barack Obama is a US Senator.  He couldn’t stay in Illinois to help fix the mess if he wanted to.  He is a US Senator.  Someone did manage to point this out, but she retorted with “Well, he used to be a state representative”.  True enough.  But what you said still makes no sense. 

 I don’t know.  This is part of what makes politics so appealing to me.  People are fascinating.