Take Note, Conservatives

You may think that I’m about a month late with this post, but Blagojevich is not the focus of this particular blog entry. This is the perfect opportunity to display to conservatives how to handle one of their own in a sticky situation. Let me show you how to act when one of “your guys” screws up.

Blagojevich is shady. He’s my Governor and we’ve known it for quite a while. Politicians in our state (Democrats included) have an intense hatred for him and have gone to battle with him repeatedly. The fact that he has a “D” in front of his title does not mean anything to me. There are Democratic politicians out there that are dirty and crooked. I won’t defend them.

It amazes me that amount of defense that is displayed for crooked conservatives. Really, it’s ok to admit what they are. You don’t have to defend a dude trying to get some in an airport bathroom. You don’t have to defend a congressman trying to get with underage pages. You can see the hypocrisy and humor in an anti-gay conservative pastor having meth fueled sex with a gay prostitute. It’s really ok to call out these people even though they are in your camp. You will find out that not defending them will actually make you look like a level headed person that does not blindly follow a party.

But do what you want. I’m just trying to help you.

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