Humor and Politics

Let me be honest, Mr. McCain.  You’re not funny.  Don’t try to be funny.  Don’t go on SNL anymore.  Nobody really finds formulated self deprecating humor from politicians to be funny.  Hillary Clinton has used all the self deprecating humor up for the 2008 election.  You telling awful jokes   about how old you are makes you seem more out of touch and older than you really are. 

Bob Dole was funny, but waited until after the 1996 election to show us.  After that, everyone said “If he would have shown us his humor, maybe people would have liked him more and he would have gotten elected”.  So now politicians go overboard…not with real humor but with this stupid contrived self deprecating humor.  The one exception is Mike Huckabee.  He has made me laugh a few times.  Of course, his “gun pointed at Barack Obama” line he threw out at an NRA event was pretty bad.  If you’re known as the funny guy, you don’t have to force things to continue that.  It’s ok to let something happen without having a punchline.  I am willing to look past this bad joke.  I think he just tried to force something and it was the first thing that came to mind.  When he plays the role of a pundit, I find him to be pretty funny. 

But John McCain is not a funny man.  Amazingly, I think that George W Bush has a better delivery in public speaking that McCain.  If there’s one thing I know about humor, it’s that delivery is very important.  To be funny, you can’t tell a joke in teleprompter speed and tone. 

So stick to issues, Mr. McCain.  There are enough issues to focus on…the war, the economy, healthcare and gas prices, just to name a few. 

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