Music I’d like to share – Cool Your Jets

Now that I am playing more shows, I’m encountering bands that are new and unknown outside of their area.  I plan to share bands with you when I encounter them. 

In the last year, I have played two shows with Cool Your Jets from Greenville, Illinois.  Their sound is something that takes me back to the good old days of emo and indie rock.  But at the same time, they seem to have managed to appeal to the younger kids that undoubtedly don’t hear the Promise Ring, Braid, the Anniversary and Koufax influences that stand out to me. 

Their recordings are good.  But like most bands, it doesn’t come close to capturing the intensity and energy of their live show.  Oddly, it seems to me that their vocals are better live.  This might be due to the fact that their vocals have so much energy in their live shows. 

They are good guys and their down-to-earth attitudes and friendliness is refreshing to me.  Local scenes need more bands like this and less bands like the assholes that think they need to walk around local shows wearing tour placards they made for themselves to feel like rock stars.  Chances are, if your entire fan base is 15 year old girls, you write shitty music.  If you have more t-shirts designs than chords you use, you are a shitty band.

Cool Your Jets does not write shitty music and they are not a shitty band.


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