benefit for mixtapes record store

This Saturday evening, one of my bands, The Country Mile, is playing a benefit for our local DIY record store.   Mixtapes, in downtown East Moline, IL is have a benefit show at the VFW Hall on the border of East Moline and Moline to help them stay in business.     

Mixtapes has undoubtedly struggled to stay alive after the parent of a kid that went to a show at Mixtapes marched over to the East Moline Police Department to complain about the show their child was attending.  The City came in and gave them a bunch of code violations and Mixtapes has not been able to have shows since.  They are in the process of changing the store around so they can do shows again.  JT, the owner has told me some details, but I don’t know if it’s public knowledge, so I’ll keep my mouth shut.

Mixtapes relied heavily on revenue generated by shows.  Not only do they get their cut of the door, but it brings people into the store.  I can only imagine how much their sales have gone down without the traffic from shows.

This area has needed a DIY record store for years.  The most impressive thing to me about Mixtapes is that it’s been able to start and thrive in the age of unlimited digital downloading.  It’s so important to a local music community, though.  Not only are they providing the only current venue location, but the are giving local bands a forum. 

DIY record stores are a place to sell their music and get a little exposure, locally.  It gives local artists and writers a place to put their work.  Just by existing, it encourages creativity.

So if you live in the Quad Cities, please support Mixtapes.  Buy records or t-shirts and go see bands play there.  This weekend, go to their benefit show.  You’re not just doing it for them, but you’re doing it for the future of independent music.

The flyer is below.  It’s a 2 day thing and The Country Mile plays on Saturday at 5:30pm.


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